A downloadable gamejam game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Go on an intense adrenaline fueled rampage  in this fast paced action packed beatum' up! 

The lower your health gets the larger your hitbox and damage becomes as well as getting a boost to both movement and attack speed. Beat up enemies and take damage for score and try to survive as long as possible! The more damage you do the higher your end badge result will be. Can you earn 5,000,000 points for gold?

Immerse yourself as you go berserk and cause some rampage in a unique art style and watch out for environmental hazards!

This game supports Mouse & Keyboard as well as Gamepad inputs.

Controls (Mouse and Keyboard)

WASD - Movement 

Left Click - Attack

Controls (Gamepad)

Left Joystick - Movement 

A (or alternative 0 map) Button - Attack


Built during the Seattle Indies Game Jam 2019 (Built within less than 3 days!)


Adrenaline v1.1 34 MB


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Sick game. Reminds me of one of those old, downloadable, Cartoon Network games.

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